Mushroom Initiative


Professional Standards for the Medicinal Mushroom Industry.

Since 2006

The Pure Mushroom Initiative

» Quality Standards, Client Rights, Corporate Transparency

The Pure Mushroom Initiative establishes quality standards for medicinal mushrooms. Since it’s introduction in 2006, the Initiative has evolved to address each stage of medicinal mushroom health products from farm to you.

Working together with farmers, scientists, researchers, academics, extraction experts, organic certifiers, health practitioners, chefs, officials, workers, thinkers and innovators to provide the highest medicinal mushroom standards in the world.

The Pure Mushroom Initiative is a concise, standard-driven, scientifically-based model for medicinal mushrooms in the marketplace. Learn more »

Stages and Standards – Pure Mushroom Initiative

Pure Mushroom

Pure Mushroom is your assurance that ingredients are 100% medicinal mushrooms. Nothing more. Absolutely nothing less.

Medicinal Compounds

Medicinal compounds must be detailed and preservation of spectrum compounds documented.

SUPER Certified Organic

Respect for health begins with organic products that are safe from gmo and toxic adulterants at every stage of production.

Responsible Farming

Safety of farm workers, mushrooms and the environment means healthy products and healthy communities.

Extraction Methods

Extraction methods must be evaluated for medicinal properties concentrated and holistic retention of all compounds.


Precision testing, qualified and validated assays, reputable third-party laboratories and full disclosure of results.


Packaging must protect, preserve, inform, commit, deliver and above all be safe: in a beautiful, functional design.

Client Rights

Access to product medicinal specifics and to corporate personnel are the right of each client. Clarity, Honesty, Respect.

Corporate Culture

Quality products and expertise balanced with knowledge, understanding and compassion. Corporate that cares.

What is a Mushroom?

Chang and Miles, 1992

Scientifically defined a mushroom is a “macrofungus with a distinctive fruiting body which can be either exiguous (above ground) or hypogeous (under ground) and large enough to be seen with the naked eye and to be picked by hand”¹.

A mushroom is the entirety of the fungus; mycelium, fruiting body, spores and metabolites produced by the organism that are outside of the organism.

¹ Chang, S.T. and Miles, P.G., “Mushroom biology: a new discipline” Mycologist, 6 (1992): 64-65