Responsible Farming: Safe, Sustainable, Beautiful

Safety of farm workers, mushrooms and the environment means healthy products and healthy communities. Organic certification, sustainable practices and trained workers are major components of responsible farming.

Farming of Medicinal Mushrooms

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Worker Safety

Worker safety and happiness are paramount to creating responsible farming. Workers must be protected from both physical and mental injury. An environment where people, mushrooms and natural resources are treated with respect nurtures healthy crops and happy communities. Organic farming is part of worker safety: While organic means no toxins in our food, it also means farm workers are free from handling toxic materials. Ongoing training of farm workers in physical and administrative aspects of tasks is vital to keeping workers safe and farms productive.


Mushroom Safety

Keeping mushroom species safe from GMO technology ensures a the genetics of mushrooms are intact as nature intended. Under Pure Mushroom Initiative Standards patented GMO mushroom species are not permitted. We are committed to safe, stable and sustainable sources that produce the highest quality pure mushrooms in the world.


Environment Safety

Responsible farming holds the earth sacred. Certified organic farming utilizing sustainable practices helps keep the environment in balance. Health and safety of the soil, streams and air means long-term viability of mushroom farms and farming communities.


Organic Farming

Certified organic farming is important to the health and safety of clients, workers and the environment. Certified organic farming means keeping mushrooms free of toxins.

» Pure MI SUPER Certified Organic 572.


Sustainable Farming

Sustainability with respect to responsible farming ensures long-term benefits of agriculture, communities and economics. Site-specific plans are created for integrated systems that focus on nutritional mushroom production, quality of life for communities and retaining environmental resources.


Farm Visits

It is recommended by the Pure Mushroom Initiative that suppliers, retailers, and practitioners visit medicinal mushroom farms to learn first-hand the beauty of responsible mushroom farming: pristine, healthy, magnificent medicinal mushrooms growing before your eyes. It may just change your world.