Corporate Culture: Access, Knowledge, Compassion

It’s all about People. We are in this together to make healthy products and live healthy lives.

Corporate Culture

Knowledge · Access · Transparency · Research & Education · Compassion

Corporate Knowledge

All corporate personnel will have written job descriptions and standard operating procedures must be in place. Reviews, recommendations, improvements and streamlining of procedures are welcome from all staff and the corporation will provide time for staff to meet regarding such. Communication between departments is encouraged to innovate and create harmony and balance throughout the entire organization.


Corporate Access

Clients are to have access to all persons within the business organization. Front line staff members will be educated to answer questions and will refer to more specialized personnel should the need arise. Within the organization all staff members will have access to all corporate personnel. It is the responsibility of the CEO and ombuds to ensure synergy among departments to greater serve clientele.


Corporate Transparency

Corporate Transparency has been discussed throughout the stages of production with respect to Certificates of Analysis, SUPER Certified Organic 572 Testing, Extraction Methods and Assay Descriptions. These unique documents must be made available to the client for each product purchased.

Administration of the corporation also has it’s transparency responsibilities – and it begins with people. Everyone in the organization must be encouraged to speak their wisdom and be heard. Corporations must be transparent about change – any change in the organization culture; products and prices; successes and mistakes – smart corporations are always learning and while success stories are valuable so are mistakes. Mistakes that are deconstructed can ultimately lead to increased success.

Corporations must be open to constructive critique internally and externally in order to create medicinal mushroom products that deliver the highest quality ingredients and standards. And when success is achieved it is encouraged that corporations share the news – every step towards pure, holistic medicinal mushrooms is call for celebration.

By sharing information, networking and engaging we create an industry that is trusted and respected. And that is good news for everyone.


Corporate Research & Education

Research and Education are ongoing endeavours that corporations must commit to. Science is ever-changing and current research may mean greater understanding, additional applications and new hope. Corporations must invest time and resources to source the original research and not simply read headlines and summaries: often these can be misconstrued. Professional conferences and access to academics, researchers and scholars are imperative.

Education of clients about medicinal mushroom quality is essential. Understanding the importance of all stages of production is both fascinating and complex. As suppliers of medicinal mushroom products our role is limited by law to quality of production and daily dosage. Only registered health practitioners may prescribe medicinal mushrooms for clients. We respect and honour that distinction.


Corporate Compassion

Corporations are only as compassionate as the people who inhabit them. Corporations are merely legal entities and the heart of any organization is shown by how they treat others. We must listen, acknowledge, consider and act. Always with respect. Always with empathy. We are in this industry to illuminate the benefits of medicinal mushrooms and to help people who may be experiencing difficult times. And by engaging with each other we contribute to the collective wisdom of the world. Corporate compassion – yes it is real.