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Pure Mushroom™ is your assurance that ingredients are 100% medicinal mushrooms. Nothing more. Nothing less. Pure mushrooms, pure health; free of additives, extra ingredients and blending.

Pure Mushroom

Chang and Miles · Definition of Mushroom · Pure Mushroom Origin

Definition of a Mushroom

Chang and Miles, 1992

Scientifically defined a mushroom is a “macrofungus with a distinctive fruiting body which can be either exiguous (above ground) or hypogeous (under ground) and large enough to be seen with the naked eye and to be picked by hand” ¹.

A mushroom is the entirety of the fungus; mycelium, fruiting body, spores and metabolites produced by the organism that are outside of the organism.

¹  Chang, S.T. and Miles, P.G., “Mushroom biology: a new discipline” Mycologist, 6 (1992): 64-65


Pure Mushroom

Pure mushrooms are certified-organically grown or wild-crafted, are processed with as little intervention as possible for the methodology used and are packaged as single-species.

Full disclosure of information pertaining to the medicinal value and composition of the final product to clients purchasing that product is mandatory.

Pure mushrooms are 100% medicinal mushrooms, free of additives, extra ingredients and blending.

Pure Mushroom includes:

  1. Pure mushroom fruiting bodies
  2. Pure mushroom spores
  3. Pure mushroom mycelium*
  4. Pure mushroom secondary metabolites outside of the physical mushroom


* Cultivated pure mushroom mycelium must be grown on it’s natural substrate or in liquid fermentation. Mycelia grown on foreign solid substrate such as grain is not approved for use.


Origin of Pure Mushroom and The Inititative

In 2003 Jayun McDowell worked as a consultant for a Canadian supplier of mushroom supplements. Her directive included a policy report to improve medicinal mushroom quality.

Jayun prioritized three areas in her report.

1. End Mycelium Grown on Grain Production
2. Discontinue Use of Foreign Carriers in Extracts
3. Create Highest Standard of Certified Organic Testing in the World

In 2006 the ongoing project came to be known as The Pure Mushroom Initiative.


Pure Mushroom — The Origin of Quality Medicinal Mushrooms