Client Rights: Clarity, Honesty, Respect

Clients must be given access to all product information and that information must be presented in an understandable format. Access to product specifics and corporate personnel are the right of each client.

Client Rights

Access · Analysis · Respect


Clients are to have access to all persons within the business organization. Front line staff members will be educated to answer questions and will refer to more specialized personnel should the need arise.


Certificate of Analysis

Clients will be provided access to authentic and unique Certificates of Analysis for purchased products. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) details product information and medicinal compounds testing results for individual product runs.


SUPER Certified Organic 572 Analysis

Clients will be provided access to authentic and unique SUPER Certified Organic 572 certified testing results for purchased products. Pure Mushroom Initiative standards are more inclusive than routine certified organic testing setting the number at 572 toxins. SUPER Certified Organic 572 testing results may be separate or included in the product Certificate of Analysis.



Respect for clients begins at first contact: Be that in person, on the phone, by text or internet. Businesses must have policies and procedures in place to listen and respond to clients. The business must dedicate at least one person as an ombuds and that person is to have independent access to the CEO.